Secrets to Expressing and Acknowledging Love

Know the secrets to having your love heard and received!

Learn the secrets of having your love heard and understood!

Later I’m going to tell you about the three main aspects of expressing and acknowledging love, but first I want to give you one of the secrets of love that is concealed by our everyday language.

A secret about the nature of love.

There is one overwhelmingly popular phrase used to express love. “I love you,” holds the crown for expressing love in English. The problem is that we all have grown up using this single phrase and different people often mean very different things when saying these three words.

The Problem with “I Love You”

It’s TRUE! When you tell someone, “I love you,” they do not hear it newly, as you mean it, but THEY hear it in the old way they’ve always listened to “I love you.”

The problem with “I love you,” is that “love” used in this way is a verb. As a verb, we all have our own idea of how an action is properly taken. This leaves little room to hear an action newly. Think about how you already have your idea of the “right” way to wash your clothes, squeeze the tube of toothpaste, or drive a car. Do you notice that your idea of how to love someone is just as stubborn?

The Secret to Being Heard

The GOOD NEWS is that when you know the secret of relating to “love” as a noun, you can see that there are many different styles, textures, and colors of love. When you get practiced at relating to love as something that you can speak of in many different ways, THEN you can express your love for another in a fresh way and be heard exactly as you want to be.

Now that you are ready to take a look at using love as a noun, I’m making good on my promise to share with you three main aspects of expressing and acknowledging love.

Aspect 1: Expressing Your Love for Another

When you want someone to understand your experience of love for them, the key is to focus on your personal experience of love. Do not make it about them. Tell them how their presence causes your heart to beat faster, or your mind to find peace, or your day to go smoother. Do this without expectations of how the other person will react. When you truly want another to understand your love for them, don’t make it conditional, just give them the opportunity to hear and understand you. I’ll tell you how to practice this a little later…

Aspect 2: Acknowledging Another’s Love for You

Just like you want others to understand how you love them, others hope that you will understand their love for you. But how can you deal with their hopes or expectations of reciprocation of love? How can you acknowledge their love when you don’t approve of their actions or don’t feel a great amount of love for them? This can be a serious problem!

There are effective ways of acknowledging another’s love without being trapped into their expectations. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Make your acknowledgment about THEM without inserting your own feelings,
  • Relate to what they do and say more than how you perceive their feelings,
  • Be generous with your acknowledgement and acknowledge the impact of their loving actions.

Aspect 3: Acknowledging Mutual Love

This can be very tricky! You want to have a strong experience of another’s love for you before you acknowledge that love is mutual. Be ready to listen to the other person’s response if they want to clarify something that they see differently than you.

You will get better at this with practice. Later I’ll tell you how you can get good at this kind of acknowledgment of love. But for now, focus on one or more of the following:

  • The universal nature of shared love,
  • The common experiences you share with the other person,
  • Common concerns you share.

Putting the Secrets of Expressing and Acknowledging Love to Work

I would like to just give you a lot of information, examples, and exercises right here for you to build your skills in expressing and acknowledging love. However, this would end up being a ridiculously long web page that would be hard to navigate and inconvenient to practice with. So, I have this information organized for you in the “Little Book of Big Love – 50 Ways to Express and Acknowledge Love With Words”.

A New Way to See Love

Little Book of Big Love cover

Little Book of Big Love

“Little Book of Big Love” introduces you to a new way of seeing, experiencing, expressing, and acknowledging love.

“The Little Book of Big Love helps me explore the many avenues of expressing love. It has helped me communicate how I really feel with people who are close to me. I will be keeping it nearby for my relationships!” – Michelle Voeller, Yoga Studio Owner

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17 Ways to express your love for another

When you feel love for another, you want to share it! But, are the people in your life going to understand you when you say, “I love you”? You don’t want to be misunderstood again! Contemplate the 17 ways to express your love for another that are in Little Book of Big Love. Use the workspace in the book to build upon the 17 ways and create your own new ways of expressing your love that are perfect for you and match your feelings for the people in your life.

I like when you say, ‘have a physical feeling of love in your chest’. The more you can let me connect my physical sensations with love, the more I am able to feel love while I am reading and really get related to what you are saying. As I read, I re-experience palpable sensations of love in my heart.” – Michelle Marison, Marketing professional

21 Ways to acknowledge another’s love for you

There is no magic formula for acknowledging another’s love for you that works in every situation. Still, you want to get your point across even when others are being difficult or resisting hearing you! Even when you don’t feel the same about the other person, you can still leave them feeling acknowledged. So, I give you 21 ways you can try out! Certainly not all of these ways are appropriate to every situation. This is exactly why I have 21 ways for you!

12 Ways to acknowledge mutual love

Does the love with your partner need an elevator to get out of the basement? Or perhaps things are great and you want to use words to carry your mutual love to new heights?

These are the juicy ways to bring focus on the true strengths and impacts of being in relationship.

“I think you do a great job of expressing the sentiment of love in so many different ways, and you give great explanations for these words. I have nothing to say except just keep going! (For the record, my favorite is “Take my love with you.”)” – Christina Surretsky, Mom, blogger, and author.

Why do you need Little Book of Big Love?

Little Book of Big Love has the secrets to having our love heard and understood in the way you mean it.

  • Your love is not just like everyone else’s

  • Others don’t have feelings just like your’s

  • Everyone already has their own idea of what “I love you” means

  • You deserve to have your own way to express your love

  • You feel love in different ways for different people

  • You want new ways to let people know how you appreciate their love

Go Beyond “I Love You”!

Everyone already has their own idea of what “I love you” means. You know what it means to you, but do you really know what it means to the people in your life? Do they think it indicates momentary passion or a lifelong commitment? Does “I love you” scare away your friends or the people you want to be close to? Does “I love you” invite more attention than you want it to?

Little Book of Big Love helps you express your love in your own individual way so that others can hear what YOU mean, not just what they already think love means for them.

50 MORE Ways to Express and Acknowledge Love

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