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Dr Joshua Beaudry

Doctor Of Chiropractic Life Springs Family Chiropractic
Work 1355 South Colorado Boulevard Building C, Suite 303 Denver CO 80222 United States Work Phone: 303-770-0605


Joshua Beaudry is a family chiropractor whose patients span ages 5 minutes to 95 years.  He helps people whose conditions cover the spectrum; from head aches and low back pain to those suffering with infertility, MS, ALS, diabetes, vertigo and much more. He treats the young and old with their unique health concerns, which can include pain management, limb strength and balance as well as getting a restful night’s sleep.  His services can increase energy, mobility, elasticity and touch perception, thereby making your life more enjoyable.  Dr. Beaudry is committed to a program to restore your body to its innate healing potential.