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Dr Robert Weissfeld

Doctor of Chiropractic
Work 2055 S. Oneida #300 Denver CO 80224 Work Phone: 303-300-3933 Website: Denver Holistic Chiropractic


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Have you tried all the conventional routes, and now you are ready for something different?

Are you interested in finding and eliminating the cause for your condition? Are you interested in in-depth care that leaves no stone unturned?  As a kinesiological (muscle testing) specialist for the last 30 years, I have the tools to go below the surface to discover the hidden causes.

True holistic care may find the contractions in the body that keep us rooted in painful emotional cycles, or the traumatic memories that prevent our backs, necks, knees or feet from healing.

Advanced nutritional work discovers and systematically detoxifies your body of toxic metals and chemicals, and also of the hidden micro-organisms that cause all kinds of problems, including digestive complaints, low energy, auto-immune conditions and many more issues. Discover what you need to naturally balance your body.

I have trained in many techniques, and combine them all together in unique ways that can get you better, faster.