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Replace Bad Habits with Good Habits: Know the 6 Stages of Change

The New Year is here. Are you making resolutions to change your bad habits into healthy habits? What’s your record on resolutions? If you want to make changes that produce lasting results, then listen up! Today I am introducing you to the … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Find Love? – Three Steps to Seeing Love Anywhere

Are you asking, “Why can’t I find love?” You hope, you date, you search. Still, you come back to the thought that there is no love for you. Sadness sets in. Loneliness overcomes you. Is this your fate? No. Love … Continue reading

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Holistic Journey – Beginning Chiropractic Care

It’s February, 2013 and my body has been hurting. I’m visiting with Josh Beaudry, D.C., a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Beaudry is committed to the restoration and cultivation of full health and vitality for every patient. I’ve had chiropractic care … Continue reading

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Speech Contest Loss Provides Perspective and Opportunity

by Charles Fleisher, The Opportunities Guy The All-Important Speech “On a cold wet November day in 2005 I entered a room full of hundreds of people. In a panic the organizer asked me if I would be able to … Continue reading

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Can We Consciously Influence Our Health?

by Adam Blanning, MD Personal note from Founder, David Lazaroff: Dr. Blanning is my physician. He is proof that personalized attention at a relaxed pace with holistic interventions at a reasonable cost is possible. Don’t we all deserve … Continue reading

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Beyond Coping: Having a Great Life!

Pam LeBlanc writes on Exercise helps patients cope with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Pam gives the example of John Duncan, a man with Alzheimer’s who enjoys life more with regular personal training than he did before personal training.  The personal training … Continue reading

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Outcomes of Alzheimer’s Treatment: What Can We Strive For?

There is very little we can do to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.  Modern medicine currently has no path to eradicate Alzheimer’s from the body.  However, there are many ways we can treat people with Alzheimer’s. We do have the means to bring joy, love, and … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Life is Found in Caring

An editorial in The Florida Times-Union warns that the US is on a track to spend $40 trillion on Alzheimer’s care in the next 40 years.  Are there a solutions to this problem? Yes, there are solutions.  These require new … Continue reading

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Joy: The Antidote to Misery and Suffering

To pursue joy is not to whitewash the challenges and sadness of life. Sadness, fear, and challenges are very real experiences.  These experiences distract us from the joys of life and it is critical to the happiness of everyone to … Continue reading

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Beautiful Mortality! A Letter to Those With Alzheimer’s

My Dear Friend, Great sadness and disappointment are born of hope and attachment to a future that never was and never will be.  Waiting for joy in the future or looking for joy in the past denies us of the … Continue reading

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