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Outcomes of Alzheimer’s Treatment: What Can We Strive For?

There is very little we can do to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.  Modern medicine currently has no path to eradicate Alzheimer’s from the body.  However, there are many ways we can treat people with Alzheimer’s. We do have the means to bring joy, love, and … Continue reading

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The Life I Love

Oooooo… I have chills just thinking about it:  The life I love.  Where is it?  Oh, it’s HERE! Everything I enjoy is at hand.  My guitar, a good paying job, my wife, my sisters and parents are just a phone … Continue reading

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Commitment Beyond Hope

Hoping that someone else creates what you would like to have so that you can enjoy it, makes a very nice daydream. Committing to create the life that you love is living fully, walking a path of fulfillment. Create an intent, commit to it, and share it. Then, go for it! Continue reading

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