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Joy: The Primary Focus of Care

I assert that love, joy, and companionship are the fundamental requirements of Alzheimer’s care.  Any other care that may be regulated and enforced to ensure physical health and safety should be delivered in the context of ensuring the presence of … Continue reading

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Double Rainbow

I accelerate onto I-25 for my 20 minute commute to work.  I’m in the sun and there are dark skies to the West.  WOW!  A double rainbow like none I’ve ever seen before!  The morning sun illumination of the coming … Continue reading

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The Life I Love

Oooooo… I have chills just thinking about it:  The life I love.  Where is it?  Oh, it’s HERE! Everything I enjoy is at hand.  My guitar, a good paying job, my wife, my sisters and parents are just a phone … Continue reading

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Key to World Peace Found With Elderly and Frail

Every time an ability recedes I look to find what life is offering that is workable and enjoyable. Life is always offering adventure and joy. We can always find them when we look for them.
Carl teaches me that the power of raising an eyebrow and sporting a half-cocked grin is more precise communication than any lengthy explanation… as long as I’m paying attention. Continue reading

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